Introduction SAP is multinational software development organization, and business consulting firm located in Germany. SAP gives software applications and support to enterprises of all sizes. This means that when an organization decides to use SAP software, to run its business, SAP needs across the complete business process. SAP software such as SAP R/3 can take weeks for a business to complete. Some businesses choose to move over to this software in a manner that can take years. SAP contains different functional and technical modules such as, SAP Simple Logistics, SAP HANA, SAP  Simple Finance, SAP C4C, SAP BASIS and much more. This blog describes the very important SAP module which is used with most SAP modules known as SAP Security module . What is SAP Security? Security is a word you hear associated with computers daily. Since many companies are storing delicate business data in databases, someone needs to protect this information and oversee those who have access to it